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Nathan Morris

Our Journey into Texas Land Investment: Vision, Challenges and Success

Our journey into the world of land investment began with a vision to acquire land of our own, just like many of our clients. The more we delved into this domain, the more we recognized the immense value and potential that land investments offer.

Entering the realm of land investment was a significant challenge. There were numerous complex questions that needed answers. It involved a continuous process of addressing these questions, developing effective systems, and gradually piecing everything together. In September 2018, we made our first investment in vacant land.

Through our journey, we’ve uncovered the hidden risks associated with land purchases and have honed our ability to identify the best deals that align with our specific investment criteria and risk tolerance. We’ve also devised systems that consistently provide valuable investment opportunities, what we refer to as “investment-grade” land. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our scope to include light development and value-added land projects.

With 17 years of real estate investment experience, we remain avid students of opportunity. Our continuous quest for knowledge drives our commitment to providing our clients with the best land investment opportunities Texas has to offer.

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